Pilot (1/1/93) more
Boston M.D. Michaela "Mike" Quinn heads west to set up practice in Colorado, where, in the opener, she gets off to a rocky start. Charlotte Cooper: Diane Ladd.

Season One

Epidemic (1/2/93) more
Mike works feverishly against a flu epidemic that isolates the town and causes panic among the residents.

The Visitor (1/9/93) more
Mike's estranged mother visits, but she and Mike are still miles apart. Meanwhile, Robert E is injured in a fire. Elizabeth Quinn: Jane Wyman.

Law of the Land (1/16/93) more
Dr. Mike hires a retired gunslinger as sheriff to save the life of an orphaned immigrant (Christopher Keene Kelly) who stole a cow to feed his starving family. Kid Cole: Johnny Cash.

The Healing (1/23/93) more
A bitter Loren, who blames Sully for his daughter's death, tries to repossess Dr. Mike's cabin when he learns he still owns the deed.

Father's Day (1/30/93) more
As Dr. Quinn is trying to persuade the townspeople that smallpox vaccinations are necessary, the father of her adopted children arrives.

Bad Water (2/6/93) more
Mike and Sully meander up a creek to get water samples near a gold mill, which Mike believes is poisoning the water supply downstream. Harding: Michael Cavanaugh.

The Great American Medicine Show (2/13/93) more
Mike doesn't buy the sales pitch of an exploitative medicine-show man (Robert Culp), expecially when she faces a medical crisis involving Myra.

A Cowboy's Lullaby (2/20/93) more
A cowpoke (John Schneider) reaches the end of his rope trying to care for his ailing infant, so he leaves the baby in the care of Mike.

Running Ghost (2/27/93) more
A businessman tries to buffalo the townfolk into selling their property to make way for the railroad, while Sully rails against bison hunters and pays for it physically. Tate Rankin: Don Stroud. Thaddeus Birch: Andrew Prine.

The Prisoner (3/13/93) more
Gen. Custer (Darren Dalton) intends to execute Cheyenne medicine man Cloud Dancing. Matthew has his eye on Ingrid.

Happy Birthday (3/27/93) more
Mike's loneliness surfaces as her birthday approaches; Jake goes on a binge after his negligence leads to a death.

Rite of Passage (4/10/93) more
Matthew's wedding plans cause a rift between him and Mike, who thinks he's too young, therefore, in order to prove he's a man, Matthew goes through a Cheyenne rite of passage. Ingrid: Jennifer Youngs.

Heroes (5/1/93) more
Colleen develops her first crush on Sully, but her scheme for a romantic rescue backfires when she's caught in a freak cold snap.

The Operation (5/8/93) more
When Brian suffers a head injury after a fall, Mike is faced with the ultimate physician's dilemma - should she operate on her own child? The townspeople argue over construction of the new school.

The Secret (5/15/93) more
Mike is shocked to discover that the town has been keeping a secret - Hank's son - an illegitimate child who is found by Sully and Mike after the child's caretaker dies. Zack: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Portraits (5/22/93) more
When a famous Civil War photographer arrives to take a town portrait, he is delayed by bickering, and Dr. Mike discovers he is going blind. David Watkins: Kenny Rogers

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