Season Five

Runaway Train (9/21/96) more
Dr. Mike, ready to go back to work after giving birth, is terrified to hear that Sully and Cloud Dancing were aboard a train overtaken by robbers

Having It All (9/28/96) more
Dr. Mike seriously considers turning her medical practice over to young Dr. Cook for good, as she tries to cope with being a wife, mother and career woman.

Malpractice (10/5/96) more
A malpractice suit prevents Dr. Mike from practicing medicine, leaving the reluctant Dr. Cook in charge.

All That Glitters (10/12/96) more
The appearance of renowned singer Gilda St. Clair (Barbara Mandrell) tempts Colleen to leave college and travel the world instead.

Los Americanos (10/19/96) more
A Latin American woman rebuffs Dr. Mike's attempts at friendship; the Rev. Johnson searches for a teacher to take his place. Teresa: Michelle Bonilla.

Last Dance (10/26/96) more
Dr. Mike faces the prospect of leaving her practice and friends for Wyoming when Sully is offered a job surveying Yellowstone National Park.

Right or Wrong (11/2/96) more
Dr. Mike is arrested and put in jail for treating a fugitive Indian; Jake and Preston run against each other for mayor of Colorado Springs.

Remember Me (11/9/96) more
A sick and ragged prospector wanders into town and Jake Slicker recognizes the man as his father, who abandoned him years before.

Legend (11/16/96) more
Dr. Mike, Sully and Matthew team up with a legendary marshal in order to nab the thieves who wounded Matthew during a bank robbery.

The Tempest (11/23/96) more
A severe storm bears down on Colorado Springs, disrupting the arrival of Preston Lodge II and Dr. Mike's attempts to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner.

Separate But Equal (12/7/96) more
Grace and Robert E. encounter fierce opposition when they attempt to enroll their son in the town's all-white school.

A Place To Die (12/14/96) more
Dr. Mike's practice is in jeopardy when her patients begin dying of a mysterious infection apparently contracted at the clinic.

Season of Miracles (12/21/96) more
As Christmas approaches, Brian questions his faith when he learns that Dr. Mike cannot save the sight of the Reverend.

The Dam (1/11/97) more
In a case of mistaken motivation, a judge sends Sully to prison after he is spotted with criminals bent on stopping the construction of a dam.

Farewell Appearance (1/25/97) more
Dr. Mike's Uncle Theodore, a concert pianist, sees in Brian not only a talented musician, but his own dead son.

The Most Fatal Disease (2/1/97) more
Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash) visit Dr. Mike at a difficult time in their marriage.

Colleen's Paper (2/8/97) more
Dr. Mike and Colleen recall past cases as part of a college course Colleen is taking; Andrew is overcome by a mysterious ailment.

Between Friends, Part 1 (2/15/97) more
also called "A House Divided" New character - Daniel
An old friend of Sully's seeks an affair with Dr. Mike, while flashing his financial success before the family.

Between Friends, Part 2 (2/15/97) more
also called "A House Divided"

Hostage (2/22/97) more
Sully, depite being wounded by two bank robbers, works to free his wife, Brian and Katie when they are taken hostage by the desperate men.

The Body Electric (4/5/97) more
Brian takes a liking to visiting writer Walt Whitman, even when the townspeople shun Whitman over rumors of his alternative lifestyle.

Before The Dawn (4/12/97) Myra! more
Horace attempts suicide after his wife leaves him, prompting Dr. Mike to send for her and their young daughter.

Starting Over (4/26/97) more
Dr. Mike is shocked by her sister's open relationship with Loren Bray and liberal behavior after she joins the women's suffrage movement.

His Father's Son (5/3/97) more
Sully intervenes when Brian's irresponsible behavior endangers the town.

Moment of Truth, Part 1 (5/10/97) more
Sully arranges an escape for Cloud Dancing, leading him and the Indian to become wanted men.

Moment of Truth, Part 2 (5/17/97) more
When Sgt. McKay (David Beecroft) holds Sully responsible for the Dog Soldiers' attacks, he and Cloud Dancing escape to safer American Indian lands.

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