dqmw :: series premiere
January 1st, 1993

Pilot Episode

Dr. Michaela Quinn is a Bostonian doctor, born February 15, 1833, who is tired of being dismissed simply because she is female. When her father, who had been her partner and mentor, dies, her patients no longer seem to need her. She, therefore, leaves Boston in 1867 and sets out for Colorado Springs in answer to an ad for a town doctor.

She gets off to a rocky start and is met with hostility, suspicion and resentment, when she finds a town who thinks the notion of a lady doctor is absurd. Previously, they were treated by the town barber or died. However, she is assisted by two of the townspeople: the matron of the local boarding house, Charlotte, and the local "eccentric" mountain man, Sully, a loner who tries to negotiate peace between the US Cavalry and the Cheyenne Indians. When Charlotte unexpectedly dies of a rattlesnake bite, she entrusts her three children (Matthew - 16, Colleen - 11, and Brian - 8) to Michaela.

Dr. Mike's relationship with Matthew is a bit tentative to begin with, but ultimately the children realize that their new mother will raise them properly. Her professional relationship with those in town continues to be cool despite her ability to save a pregnant woman and her child by performing a radical Cesarian section under the most primitive conditions. When storekeeper Loren Bray's wife dies of a heart condition, Bray, though previously warned of the seriousness of her condition, harbors resentment towards the new town doctor.

With the help of the children and Sully, she is finally accepted, although grudgingly, as the town doctor.