September 28th, 1996 :: episode #102

Having It All

With all of the demands of being new parents Michaela and Sully find it hard to have the time and mood for romance. Sully feels neglected with Michaela spending so much time with their daughter, even brushing off his romantic overtures to answer Katie's cries. He confides this to Dorothy, and she advises Sully to court Michaela, just like he did to win her in the beginning. Thinking it wouldn't work, he hesitates, but decides it's better than nothing.

After exposing Katie to Chicken Pox, Dr. Mike needs a better place to take care of her while working, so Sully suggests she turn one of the recovery rooms into a nursery for their daughter. Worried about the exposure her daughter will receive being around the clinic, she considers turning over her practice to Andrew, and decides to cut back on her hours, but it's a surprising visitor to the Homestead who convinces her to return.

Colleen, seeing her mother's strain over managing everything expresses concern over leaving. Michaela assures her she'll be fine and encourages her daughter to pursue her future. The family bids farewell to Colleen, amidst tears. In the end, Michaela and Sully finally find time for enthusiasm, with Michaela assuring her husband that Katie understands her parent's need to be left alone.