February 22nd, 1997 :: episode #120


Dr. Mike, Brian and Katie are taken hostage at the homestead by bank robbers, one of whom is wounded. After Dr. Mike is taken hostage by Brent and Houston Currier, she watches helplessly as Sully, returning from a trip and approaching the house, is shot by Brent. In spite of his injury, Sully, with the help of Wolf, Cloud Dancing and the men-folk in town, plots a rescue attempt.

Meanwhile, inside the house with the two desperate robbers, Dr. Mike and Brian do some quick thinking and -- with the help of some chloroform -- distract the men while they scramble to come up with an escape scheme of their own.

Upon hearing how Daniel interfered in his business, the proud Sully becomes furious at his best friend. Then Sully realizes that Daniel has fallen in love with Dr. Mike, which takes her by surprise and further strains relationships all around. This also causes him to pay even more attention to Michaela. When a situation leads to Sully leaving, Dr. Mike wonders why she didn't notice the problems sooner.