October 26th, 1996 :: episode #106

Last Dance

When Sully is offered a job helping to survey the new National Park at Yellowstone, Wyo., Dr. Mike is faced with the prospect of leaving her practice and all their friends and moving into the wilderness. With Sully no longer acting as the local Indian agent and banned from the Indian reservation, Dr. Mike realizes that it is important for him to have meaningful work. Leaving everything and everyone she knows and taking their new baby into the wilderness, however, is a daunting prospect for her.

Meanwhile, as Matthew and Emma think about marriage, Emma gets a job offer from Gilda St. Clair. Brian agonizes about his first date at the Sweethearts' Dance, and Dorothy teaches Cloud Dancing some ball-room dances while he provides her with background on Indian customs for a book she is writing. Becky and Colleen find they both like Andrew. Sully kidnaps Michaela for a romantic night in the wilderness and lovemaking under a waterfall.