November 9th, 1996 :: episode #108

Remember Me

A lonely old prospector suffering from a weak heart and senile dementia wanders into town with a gold nugget the size of a fist. While under the care of Dr. Mike he reveals that he is Lucius Slicker who is the father who abandoned Jake and whose neglect of his other children lead to their deaths.

Mike tries to intervene and help Jake but it is Brian, who realizes his own need to deal with his feelings for his biological father, that helps Jake the most. Meanwhile, Horace abandons his ethics when he attempts to jump Lucius claim, hoping that if he became rich Myra would return to him.

The prospector, Lucius, is played by veteran stage and screen actor Ray Walston who won an Emmy Award as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 1995 for his regular role as Judge Henry Bone on "Picket Fences," on the Network.