September 21st, 1996 :: episode #101

Runaway Train

Michaela has ambivalent feelings upon returning to work to find that Katie's demands on her time are in conflict with the needs of her patients, and that Loren prefers to see the overconfident Dr. Cook for his prostate. Townspeople try to help Horace deal with Myra's desertion. Sully goes to Denver to negotiate with Gen. Wooden and gives his promise to no longer be an advocate for the Indians in return for Wooden allowing Cloud Dancing to return to Palmer Creek.

On the train back to Colorado Springs, Sully attempts to stop a gang of train robbers who have diverted the train to a side spur. Sully is unable to stop the runaway train and it goes off the tracks. When word reaches town, Michaela moves into immediate action. The town immediately backs her up and they all rush out to the scene of the accident. Michaela frantically pans the group of injured, seeking for any sign of her husband. When she sees him, she runs to him in relief.

With that fear assuaged, she turns her attentions to the people who need her help. Dr. Cook, unaccustomed to working in these conditions is forced to bow to Micheala's expertise and knowledge. In the aftermath, both Michaela's confidence in herself and the town's confidence in her is renewed.