April 26th, 1997 :: episode #123

Starting Over

When Dr. Mike's once-prim sister, Marjorie, arrives in town, she is in the throws of a divorce and Mike sees that she's become a very independent, liberated woman. Marjorie's cosmopolitan ways are initially intriguing to the open-minded Dr. Mike, but when Marjorie's relationship with Loren Bray escalates at an amazing pace, Mike begins to question Marjorie's character. She is scandalized by the new liberated lifestyle her sister has adopted as a devotee of the women's suffrage movement.

Teresa has some misgivings about Marjorie's flamboyance. Michaela realizes that her sister is much better off being who she is now, than who she used to be, no matter how hard it is for her to accept this new sister Marjorie has become.