September 23rd, 1995 :: episode #73

A New Life

Newlyweds, Mike and Sully, return to face their new life together. A new banker, Preston A. Lodge III, arrives on the same train as Sully and Mike on the return from their honeymoon. Mike has trouble adjusting to Sully continuing to come an go as he pleases, "It's not just you and me, but us now."

Sully negotiates a deal with the authorities for Cloud Dancing to turn himself in after bounty hunters almost kill him. After he agrees to go to the new reservation, Palmer Creek, he is attacked by members of the various tribes, and Sully feels he may have made a mistake in encouraging Cloud Dancing to surrender.

Preston gives Horace a loan to buy a new surrey, but when the surrey is damaged in an accident, Preston won't adjust the payment schedule and only offers another repair loan. Mike tries to intercede but Preston won't hear of it. Ingrid, hoping to make repairs on the old homestead, borrows money from Preston, but Matthew returns it, immediately, with interest.

Preston tries to buy Sully's help in building his new house on the same land as the town's "kissing tree." When Mike and the town tries to stop Preston from cutting the tree down, Matthew is injured in the conflict, but Preston insists upon clearing the land for his new home.