October 14th, 1995 :: episode #76

Brother's Keeper

Brian is hurt when Matthew wants to spend time with Ingrid planning their upcoming wedding rather than go fishing with him. Brian goes by himself and Pup is bitten by a rabid raccoon. Brian is devastated when Sully and Mike insist on locking Pup in a pen until they know if he's been infected. Ingrid, feeling bad for Brian, offers to refill Pup's water dish. When she goes in the pen Pup lunges for Brian and Ingrid stops him, but is bitten in the process as Pup escapes. Mike excises the wound, hoping Ingrid has not contracted rabies.

During the tense days of waiting, Matthew is angry with Brian, "We should have killed that dog." Ingrid develops symptoms and Dr. Mike knows there is nothing that can be done. Ingrid dies in Matthew's arms after they perform their own wedding ceremony. Matthew is inconsolable and rejects Brian's attempts to comfort him.

Brian, feeling it's all his fault, goes in search of Pup with a rifle. Matthew, Mike and Sully follow. Matthew finds Brian holding the rifle on pup unable to pull the trigger. He takes the gun to shoot Pup and finish the job. Sully arrives, takes the gun from Matthew and shoots Pup as the boys fall into each others arms giving release to their pent up grief.