January 6th, 1996 :: episode #85

Change of Heart

When a young boy, Anthony, is caught stealing pies from Grace's, Robert E wants to take him in but Grace has misgivings, she's already lost one adopted baby. Mike encourages Grace to give Anthony a chance only to have Anthony fall sick with mysterious pain attacks. Mike's counts on her new membership in the American Medical Society to help her make a diagnosis, but they are no help.

Meanwhile, the town feels it's time for Matthew to move past his grief and set him up with blind dates, one that talks too much and one that doesn't talk at all. Hank thinks he's got the perfect girl for Matthew and sends him one of his new prostitutes, Emma. Strangely these two make a connection, but Matthew feels guilty and sends her away. Sully advises him to take a chance on life.

When Anthony's disease reaches a crisis, Mike must perform emergency surgery. She later helps Grace decide to take a chance on Anthony even though she can't guarantee that he will recover.