February 3rd, 1996 :: episode #89

Dead or Alive - part 1

The town gathers to hear Senator Leonard's speech promoting Colorado statehood. The crowd is stunned when the senators' son is kidnapped and only an Indian woman remains bearing a message for the Senator to write a statement denouncing statehood. If he does so his son will be returned in four days, if not, he'll be killed. The town seeks Sully's help and finds him home cooking for Mike. Preston scoffs at Sully's domesticated state and vows to find McBride himself. Sully recognizes the woman as the wife of a mountain man he once knew, Noah McBride.

Sully, Senator Leonard, Preston and the men set out to find the kidnapped boy. Preston and Sully clash on the trail both vying for leadership, with Preston sneering that Sully was once wild an untamed but now he's a domesticated house pet. Sully hopes they'll find a way to talk to McBride without using violence.

Back in town, Mike is inundated at the clinic, the Reverend has tonsillitis and many patients need attention. She begins to experience a little bleeding and Dorothy warns her to slow down. Later Mike's bleeding increases and she's forced to stay in bed and Colleen calls Dr. Cassidy from Denver. When he arrives he insists Mike stay in bed and takes over her practice.

When the men arrive at the meeting place, Leonard balks at giving the statement to McBride, chaos ensues. Leonard is shot and McBride escapes, kidnapping Matthew.