February 10th, 1996 :: episode #90

Dead or Alive - part 2

Sully takes charge, they'll continue on foot. Preston and Sully continue to clash as they track deeper into the mountains. Sully reverts to his mountain man ways with each mile that they travel. Preston injures his leg in a metal bear trap. Sully wants to leave him behind, but Preston insists on continuing, vowing to bring McBride in...dead or alive.

They find Walks Alone's dead body, McBride has killed her rather that see her taken prisoner. Sully is shaken, in a different world he could have become McBride. Sully leaves the men behind and goes after McBride alone. Sully surprises McBride in his camp. They fight, McBride daring Sully to shoot him. Sully can't, a shot rings out and McBride falls dead. An exhausted Preston drops the gun, eyeing Sully before he collapses. Sully struggles to get the injured Preston and the men back to town in time for Mike to save his leg.

Meanwhile, Mike is going stir crazy being bed ridden. Cloud Dancing tries to cheer her and when she asks for his opinion, he agrees with Dr. Cassidy. Brian assumes the duties of the man of the house and Colleen bridles under Dr. Cassidy patronizing at the clinic. Later, when Mike is feeling stronger and wants to return to work, Dr. Cassidy warns that she must reduce her workload. Mike agrees.

When the men return, Dr. Cassidy leaves and Mike returns to work, if only at reduced hours. Preston asks Sully why he saved his life, and Sully replies, "If you don't know by now, you never will." Mike has a dream where she sees her baby, happy and healthy, restoring her hope and reaffirming the need to take it easy.