February 17th, 1996 :: episode #91

Deal with the Devil

The Reverend's mentor, Rev. Thomas, is coming for a visit and the Reverend worries that the broken down church won't impress him. Mike suggests he start making repairs, but the Reverend is low on funds. Sully suggests that the Reverend get a loan and pay it back by collecting all the money he has lent to the townspeople over the years.

Meanwhile, Preston and Hank are competing to see who can build the first hotel in town, Preston's already got a spot picked out and Hank has no where to build. When Preston refuses the Reverend for lack of collateral, Hank suggests the Reverend take a loan from him using the church as collateral. The Reverend agrees, takes the money and begins repairs on the church.

As the loan deadline approaches, the Reverend tries to collect the money owed to him but everyone has an excuse why they can't pay him back. As midnight approaches the Reverend dreams he's made a deal with the devil and on Sunday morning Hank comes to foreclose on the church. As the shocked congregation looks on, the Reverend hands Hank the keys and prepares to leave town. Mike urges the town to forgive, after all it was they who didn't repay the Reverend's kindness.

Meanwhile, Mike and Sully makes special preparations for their baby's arrival. Mike is so involved in making a christening gown for the baby, she forgets to deliver Brian's article to Dorothy in time to be published.