November 4th, 1995 :: episode #78

Dorothy's Book

Dorothy's newly published book arrives and surprises everyone, especially Mike, who didn't know she her best friend had been writing a book about the town. People become upset when they see their private lives in print: Jake's alcoholism, Myra's prostitution past, Grace's infertility, the Reverend's gambling problems. Even Loren is upset because he can't find a mention of him in the book. And Mike, is shattered to read her most intimate feelings about Sully in black and white. Sully however comes across very well in the book. Mike feels she can't trust Dorothy, that they can't be friends.

Meanwhile, Preston sees an opportunity to promote the town and invites a reporter from Colliers to interview Dorothy. After Mike shuns her, Dorothy takes to her bed, vowing not to write again. Colleen is angry with Mike after she reads about her failed romance with Jesse, something she thought Mike would keep quiet about. Mike reconsiders Dorothy's position, after all, it's not like a doctor's oath of confidence. Mike apologizes, but asks Dorothy to keep their friendship "off the record" from now on, which Dorothy happily agrees to do.