February 24th, 1996 :: episode #92

Eye for an Eye

Rosemary Hart is raped and Mr. Logan is murdered. The man found guilty of the crimes, Reed, is convicted of murder and rape and sentenced to hang in Colorado Springs. However, the citizens of CS have a variety of opinions on whether the drifter should be hanged. Ben Hart wants to kill Reed with his own hands for defiling his sister. Jason Hart, his father, helps him keep a cool head.

Colleen, seeing what happened to Rosemary, agrees the man should die, but later, sickened by her friends' joking treatment of the hanging, she questions whether it's right to kill a man, in any circumstances. Michaela, too, was initially in favor of the hanging, but with Colleen's questioning, she reconsiders, just not in time to stop the proceedings. Sully remains silently out withdrawn. Hank, knowing Matthew's never overseen a hanging, offers to be a deputy to assist. Matthew, wanting to prove to the town he can be a good sheriff, fights the hesitation within himself in order to follow through on his sentence.