December 16th, 1995 :: episode #84

Fifi's First Christmas

Mike's mother sends a toy poodle, Fifi, as a Christmas present for the family, but it's Brian gets stuck caring for the poodle. Taking care of a french poodle is not the image Brian wants as he tries to impress Sara, the new girl in town. Brian is frustrated as Mike continues to treat him as a little boy, buying him a velvet Christmas suit which he is loath to wear in front of his friends.

As Brian tries to get Sara's attention Kyle keeps getting in the way, even dunking Brian in the horse trough. Sully counsels him, saying that just because something is out of reach, doesn't mean he can't get it. Brian takes and interest in piano lessons just to spend time with Sara. Meanwhile, Preston suffers from kidney stones and refuses to let Mike treat him.

When Sara and Kyle are lost in the woods, Brian and Fifi go out find them and bring them safely back to town in time for the town christmas pageant where Brian and Sara play a duet. Sara thanks Brian with a kiss and Brian gives Fifi to her as a Christmas present.