October 28th, 1995 :: episode #77

Halloween III

Brian wins praise for his creative writing in class, but another boy, Kyle, is jealous and puts a hex on Brian, promising that Dead Red who haunts the mines will come and get Brian on Halloween. Brian tries to be brave, and Colleen reassures him, but his imagination gets the best of him and he's frightened.

Meanwhile, an old man comes to town to get relief from his rheumatism at the hot springs. Mike tells him there is no cure, but when he sees Jake's new dog, it reminds him of a dog he had before his wife died when his rheumatism started. His hands unfold. Jake is proud to have discovered treatment for the old man, but doesn't want to lose his new pet. He later gives the dog to Abner as a gift.

When Brian starts having nightmares, Mike tries to approach Brian's fear in a logical manner, but it doesn't help. Loren and Grace suggest a little magic of their own -- Brian will make a potion to ward off the spell. Mike doesn't buy into it and Brian is disappointed. Afraid, Brian refuses to go the Halloween party. After seeing how a dog and emotions could make the old man feel better, Mike realizes that Brian will have to solve his fears his own way, maybe using his imagination. She and Sully encourage Brian to create a way to battle his fear. They give him a book about the knights of old and he makes a sword, Excalibur.

Meanwhile, Mike tries to get Sully to talk about their Halloween costumes but he keeps putting her off. Mike thinks Sully is having an affair, but Sully surprises her when he arrives for the Halloween party in Cinderella's coach, dressed as Prince Charming, just for her. At the party, Brian vanquishes his ghosts in the cemetery.