March 9th, 1996 :: episode #93

Hearts and Minds

The Reverend starts a school for children on the Indian reservation, and he and Dr. Mike offer to teach. They instruct the children in reading and writing, and the children take to the lessons eagerly.

Trouble arises when the Reverend angers Cloud Dancing by trying to make the Indian children like "white" children, by cutting their hair and dressing them in "white" clothing, teaching them how to live like a "white" person, rather than encourage their own cultural backgrounds. Sully is forced to close the school until a reconciliation can be reached, but his superior forces him to re-open.

In the end, Sully and Mike convince the Reverend of the importance of preserving one's past, if they are going to have a successful future. Sitting in a circle, custom for telling stories in the tribes, Sully, Mike, Cloud Dancing, the children, and even the Reverend, share their stories of the beginnings of their people and find a common ground. Also, Brian wants Anthony to attend the Colorado Springs school, but Grace is strangely hesitant.

Meanwhile, Dorothy wants to move to the old telegraph office and seeks support from Preston for the Gazette. At first, he scoffs, but when Dorothy proves to be a very educated businesswoman, Preston relents, on his terms. Dorothy won't accept them, but manages to convince Preston to be a "silent" partner, owning 49% to her 51% in the Gazette.