January 20th, 1996 :: episode #87

If You Love Someone

When Emma and Hank get into an argument over a customer, Matthew tries to rescue her and Emma is none too grateful, but later softens and invites Matthew on a picnic. Matthew and Emma enjoy their time together and Emma's shares her dream of opening a dress shop. Matthew tries to enlist Mikes' help in getting Emma out of her "contract" with Hank. Both are stunned when Emma reveals she has no contract and chooses to work for Hank, thinking it's the fastest way to get cash for her dress shop. Emma forces Matthew to realize that if they are going to be friends he can't keep trying to rescue her, she's going to make her own decisions. Will he agree? Matthew agrees, for now.

Meanwhile, feeling frustrated with a wife and mother role, Myra impresses Preston with her knowledge of figures and he offers her a job as a bank clerk. At first, Horace refuses causing friction in their marriage, with Myra thinking maybe she's married the wrong man. Later, Horace relents, realizing he has to let Myra make her own choices. Myra blossoms with her new responsibilities at the bank and under Preston's guidance, a fact not lost on Horace.