April 13th, 1996 :: episode #96

Last Chance

Michaela's desire to cut back on her work at the clinic, due to the end of her pregnancy looming, is put on hold when she must tend to Cloud Dancing, who has been stabbed in a fight at the reservation, and she determines that Emma needs an operation after treating her for injuries she received in a bar fight at the saloon.

When it's revealed that Emma will be unable to have children, once the surgery is complete, Emma refuses. She knows how important children are too Matthew, even though they have yet to make a serious committment in their relationship. Finally, Matthew comes to comfort her, telling her he would rather have her alive, than die from the tumor. 

Sully has to deal with the arrival of his supervisor, Hazen, who is less than pleased to see that Sully has ignored most of his directives for "helping" the Indians. Colleen looks at colleges, worried about the money required to attend and wondering if it would be better to pursue something else.