October 7th, 1995 :: episode #75

Mothers and Daughters

Mike and Sully enjoy the passion of married life with each other, but their preoccupation with each other leads Brian to feel neglected and Colleen to spend more time with her teenage friends. Colleen is upset when Mike won't allow her to go on a hayride with her friends and Brian feels left out when Mike forgets to help him with his homework. Colleen lies to Mike, spending time with her friends rather than working at the clinic. Mike yearns for Sully, but feels uncomfortable asking for attention. However, Sully assures her it's natural.

Later, Mike finds Colleen's diary and reads that she plans to attend dangerous "chicken races" with her friends. Mike forbids her to go, but doesn't reveal how she found out. Colleen goes anyway and Jared is injured during the race. After Mike sets Jared's dislocated shoulder, she and Colleen come to an understanding. Mike will lighten up, let her be a kid, and Colleen will share more with Mike. Mike and Sully talk to Brian and reassure him that even though they are married they will always have time for him.

After Dorothy assures Mike that it's natural to want her husband, Mike happily settles into marital bliss.  Sully and Mike both confess how much they appreciate each other's "enthusiasm."