May 4th, 1996 :: episode #98

One Nation

Cloud Dancing, seeking to bring peace among the warring tribes at the reservation, is arrested and put on trial, with Sully as his defender, when he confesses to killing a soldier on the reservation. He takes the blame to spare the life of the one who really committed the murder. Sully tries to convince him of his foolishness, but Cloud Dancing remains adamant. He will maintain his stand, no matter what the cost.

Prestion tries to prevent Dorothy from printing an editorial that is fair to both sides. They clash over editorial policies on the paper, and when Dorothy threatens to leave him the Gazette and start her own paper again, Preston relents, and Dorothy maintains a controlling interest in her paper.

At the trial, although O'Connor seeks to pin Cloud Dancing for the crime, Sully ingeniously turns one of O'Connor's comments around on him, pointing out the remark that the Army is in a state of war. If that is the case, any death on either side is a casualty of war, not murder. As a result of this argument, the Judge proclaims Cloud Dancing innocent, and the elders of the tribes on the reservation, impressed by Cloud Dancing's stand, agree to bind together. O'Connor warns Sully that it's not over between them.