November 25th, 1995 :: episode #82

One Touch of Nature

Mike invites the town to take Thanksgiving dinner to the Indians at Palmer Creek reservation. Loren and Jake plan to be out of town, leaving Jake alone, refusing to participate in the Thanksgiving festivities.

Mike worries that she may never be able to conceive, no matter how hard she and Sully try, and doesn't confide her fears in Sully, who keeps planning romantic baby-making interludes. Mike frustration reaches a peak and she confides her fears in Sully who reassures her that, "even if we don't make a baby? We sure could have a lotta fun tryin'. I ain't willin' ta give up." They become romantic in their endeavors, but Mike is called away to deliver a baby.

When Mike has to inform the young father that the baby didn't make it and the mother almost died, Sully recalls Abigail's death and decides he can't risk Mike's life with a pregnancy. Mike, unaware of Sully's change of heart, happily plans a romantic evening, but Sully backs out. Sully confides his fears to Robert E who advises him not to run from life.

Meanwhile, Jake goes on a bender and runs into Cloud Dancing who reminds him that he has the family/community of the town and should feel lucky. On Thanksgiving Day, Jake brings the necessary tobacco for Cloud Dancing's ceremony and Mike calls in a specialist who, to her surprise, tells her that she's already pregnant.