November 11th, 1995 :: episode #79

Promises, Promises

Loren surprises Dorothy with the purchase of a new house and a proposal of marriage. Dorothy asks for time before she'll give an answer and confides to Mike she's not sure she loves Loren enough to marry him. A letter arrives from Sully from an old mining friend who once saved Sully's life. Sully promised to come and help start up a new mine whenever he needed. And now the friend is asking him to come to Nevada. Michaela has trouble accepting that he must leave, but she has other things on her mind when Sully tries to talk to her about it. 

Meanwhile, Dorothy stays the night with Mike, after she's decided to turn Loren down. The next day, when Dorothy returns to the store, she finds Loren collapsed after a stroke. Mike works to save him, but can't be sure he'll live, so Dorothy promises Loren she'll marry him if he'll just wake up and live. Loren slowly recovers and Dorothy becomes his nurse, caring for him intimately. Loren fights the dependence he feels and pushes Dorothy away.

Meanwhile, Mike and Sully clash when Sully feels obligated to go to help his friend. Mike feels Sully has made more important promises to her and the children. Not wanting to be a burden, Loren retracts his proposal, and Dorothy agrees to stay with him until he recovers completely. Seeing Dorothy's commitment to Loren helps Mike understand the importance of keeping a promise, and she encourages Sully to go to his friend.