March 23rd, 1996 :: episode #94


Miriam Tilson, a friend of Mike's from medical school, comes to visit and is shocked at Michaela's rustic lifestyle, although impressed. She marvels at the prim and proper Michaela engaging in conversation with Indians and petting a wild wolf.

Through letters, Miriam presented her life and her great successes in San Francisco in a large hospital. She boasted about her three beautiful children and her wonderful life. Michaela, worried that Miriam would look down upon her own small clinic, tries very hard to impress her by presenting her life in as appealing a light as she could. However, Miriam fast sees the truth in how happy Michaela is, even marveling at Sully's devotion.

She lashes out in anger and she and Michaela come to odds over a diagnosis on Becky, Colleen's friend. It causes tensions, with Miriam accusing Michaela of always having to be right. Meanwhile, Dorothy experiences many problems with her new printing press, and Colleen is the one to encourage her to keep trying.  

Finally, the truth comes out that Miriam had been presenting her life as that of her husband's because she was jealous of Michaela's success as a doctor. When everything is revealed, Dr. Mike and Miriam reconcile their differences, promising to stay in touch.