November 18th, 1995 :: episode #80

The Exedition - part 1

Mike decides to spend her birthday climbing to the top of Pike's Peak, like she promised Sam she would. Sully volunteers to go, but Mike wants to do it on her own. As each woman hears about Mike's expedition, she considers going. Dorothy ponders the idea, but Loren say she's much too old. Now Dorothy is determined to go and Mike agrees. Later, Grace considers going, and Robert E doesn't think she could make it to the top. Grace is now determined to go. Finally, Myra, bored with life at home, wants to go but Horace won't give permission. The ladies gang up on him and he says yes, so Myra's on the team.

Meanwhile Preston decides to build a hotel-casino in town and enlists Jake as his partner, but first they have to get the town council to agree. Preston encourages Mike and the ladies to go in order to get Mike out of town for the council vote on the hotel-casino.

Meanwhile, Robert E has a bad encounter with a bounty hunter, which reminds him of a life he's trying to forget. The ladies take off and soon break down, bickering and complaining. Mike sends them back, she'll continue on her own. Mike falls in a ravine, and now wishes she weren't alone.

Back in town, Sully takes over Mike's seat on the town council but can't stop the casino vote, after Preston promises proceeds from the casino will support the school.