November 18th, 1995 :: episode #81

The Exedition - part 2

The women realize that they're letting Mike down, quitting, and decide to go back. They find her in the ravine, with a broken arm. They each pull together to get her out.

That night, around the campfire, each woman faces her own demons: Dorothy is worried about aging; Myra is worried she may have traded one contract for another with her marriage to Horace; Grace feels invisible as the only black woman in town; and Mike fears she may have waited too long to have a baby. As the women's bonds are renewed, they decide to try and ascend to the top. Mike can't go because of her injured arm, but she encourages the others to make it to the top for her. She'll feel a part of their achievement, she doesn't have to be there herself.

Back in town, Robert E confesses to Sully that he killed a man while escaping the south, and if the new hotel brings people to town, sooner or later someone will come looking for him. Sully urges him to tell Grace, and they both work to find a way to stop Preston.

Meanwhile, now that Preston has the council vote, he backs out his partnership with Jake. Sully finds a loophole in the town charter allowing the mayor, Jake, to declare a town landmark on the site that Preston hoped to build his hotel. Thanks to the ingenuous men of Colorado Springs, they outsmart Preston's plans -- for now.