January 27th, 1996 :: episode #88

The Iceman Cometh

Mike and the Reverend go to Denver to give inoculations to Indian orphans. Back in town, a cultured black man, Curtis, arrives in town catching Grace's eye and impressing Anthony.

At the same time, Randolph, an old prep school alum of Preston's arrives selling shares for a venture producing the first refrigeration box. Randolph plays coy with Preston saying that he's already sold most of the shares, as word spreads of the venture, each town person buys in without telling anyone else, even Colleen invests her savings in the invention. Grace, impressed when Curtis buys shares, joins the deal herself, not telling Robert E. Preston's not ready to invest until he see's the prototype set to arrive the next day. Randolph understands, but it's already too late, there are no more shares available. Preston, afraid to be left out, presses Randolph to sell a few share to a fellow alum, which he gladly does.

The next day all await the arrival of the prototype only to be disappointed when all that arrives is a crate of ice and Randolph and Curtis are no where to be found. Matthew can't pursue them since no laws were broken, but he'll wire Mike in Denver. In Denver, Curtis and Randolph spot what looks like two easy marks, the Reverend, sporting a lot of cash (donations for the church) and a pregnant woman. Mike pretends to be ill and the Reverend switches the phoney envelope for the townfolk's money, turning the tables on the con men.

Meanwhile, the reservation's crop of corn has come in and Cloud Dancing would like to sell it at the general store. Sully acts as a go between, but Loren is reluctant to take a risk on Cloud Dancing. After Loren loses money to the con men, he thinks twice about Cloud Dancing and agrees to sell the reservation corn.