January 13th, 1996 :: episode #86

Tin Star

The mail is stolen, customers are refusing to pay for services, and Hank's "business" is overflowing the saloon when the towns decide's it's time to get a new sheriff. An election is called and Mike is surprised when Matthew decides to run, his competition will be Hank. Mike and Sully try to dissuade Matthew, it will mean wearing a gun, but he insists he's up to the challenge.

After Dorothy's endorsement in the Gazette, Matthew wins. Matthew starts off well, but when he accidently mistakes Horace for a burglar he shoots him in the arm, the town is unsure if he is man enough for the job, and Mike and Sully fear for Matthew's safety. Sully teaches Matthew to defend himself without a weapon, a version of martial arts, and Matthew convinces the town council to outlaw guns in town. When a gunslinger comes to town, Matthew faces him alone and unarmed, but the town stands behind him, daring the killer to shoot every man. The gunslinger backs down and the town embraces Matthew as the sheriff.

Meanwhile Brian's friends are going to Denver for the fair and they won't let him join them until he passes the initiation. He must steal a model train from Loren's before he'll be allowed to hang with older boys. Brian is troubled, but steals the train anyway, then suffers pangs of guilt and remorse. Brian bravely returns the train to Loren, confessing his crime. Loren forgives Brian, empathizing, and offers to take Brian to the fair in Denver himself.