April 6th, 1996 :: episode #95

Woman of the Year

Mike is nominated for Colorado Woman of the Year (1871) by a Denver suffragette organization, but she has trouble living up to everyone's expectations. The townsfolk, eager to impress the woman here to watch Dr. Mike, boast of how many times Dr. Mike saved their life, presenting her as a woman who could do no wrong. Michaela, overwhelmed by the attention and the possible prestige the nomination would win her, works hard to please everyone. She tries to present herself as being able to handle it all, career, mother, wife, friend, teacher, etc., but she ends up spreading herself too thin and disappointing many, namely Hank. 

Hank's Nana (grandmother) visits, and Hank tries to keep up a false pretense of the life he told his Nana he was living, just so she wouldn't be ashamed of him. The problem is that it's Horace's "life." Horace is none to happy about Hank treading on his life, especially when it involves becoming a husband to Myra and father to Samantha. He also doesn't understand why Myra is accepting of this, wanting to support Hank, rather than her own husband.

When Ilse suffers from heart-related complications, Michaela doesn't give her the attention she should as a doctor. Hank sees this and accuses Michaela of caring more about herself than her patients. Mike, truly apologetic, realizes what she's done and seeks to help Hank's Nana. In the end, she apologizes to Mrs. Cartwright, and is surprised to learn she is still going to be nominated. Sully comforts her as the train pulls away by saying, "The man of the year says the woman of the year is gonna go on a picnic."