January 2nd, 1993 :: episode #1


Olive, Loren's sister, and Grace are introduced, with one of Olive's cowhands bringing with him a sickness. Michaela works feverishly against an influenza ("the grippe") epidemic, trying to save the town's inhabitants, many of whom are hostile to her modern methods. The epidemic isolates the town and causes panic among the townspeople. Emily's husband dies as does Ingrid's father. Charlotte's former boarding house is used as a clinic and Michaela sparingly dispenses her pitifully small amount of quinine.

When Michaela contracts the disease, Sully enlists the aid of Cloud Dancing to save her life with a Cheyenne fever-reducing tea. Horace and Myra meet when she cares for him. Colleen assists Mike, gradually comes to terms with her anger over Dr. Mike's allegiance to the Hippocratic Oath, and decides she wants to become a doctor herself. Sully kisses Dr. Mike on the forehead while she's asleep (and laying in her underclothes) at the end of the episode.