January 16th, 1993 :: episode #3

Law of the Land

When Matthew and Jon, a young Swede, slaughter one of Olive's cows to feed the starving immigrants, the town arrests Jon and calls for a lynching. Dr. Mike initiates a search for a sheriff to restore law and order, while arguing for understanding of the immigrants' plight. Kid Cole, a weary ex-gunfighter looking for a quiet town to convalesce from tuberculosis, reluctantly accepts the job, and his first duty is to keep the town from lynching Jon, the brother of Matthew's new girlfriend, for cattle rustling.

Matthew, caught between his guilt and Jon's plea for him to keep silent, finally confesses his part in the crime at Jon's trial. Michaela must now decide what to do, and after Dr. Mike's moving pleas for compassion, Olive drops the charges against the boys. In the end Kid Cole decides to move on to a "quieter" town.

Brian and Sully find a wounded deer and Brian wants to keep her as a pet and names her Byron, after Sully, even though Sully hates this name.