January 23rd, 1993 :: episode #4

The Healing

Storekeeper, Loren Bray, discovers that he still owns the homestead which Sully believed he had inherited from his deceased wife, Abigail, Loren's daughter. He decided to cause Sully some pain by vindictively seeking to take over the homestead. The ailing Loren, who initially refuses to let Dr. Mike examine him, falls critically ill with a strangulated hernia. Dr. Mike performs risky surgery on Loren with help from Sully and young Colleen, whose image in the eyes of her peers is thereby greatly enhanced.

The town bets on Loren's survival, and Horace provides a play-by-play while peeking through the clinic window. When Loren requires a blood transfusion, Sully volunteers. As a result of Sully's life-saving selflessness, Loren relents and resolves his feud with Sully. Sully begins to accept Abigail's death. Loren says it was the second anniversary of Abigail's death.