November 5th, 1994 :: episode #50

A Washington Affair - part 1

Mike and Sully are outraged when they learn the government has again changed the terms of the Indians' Treaty regarding their hunting grounds. They decide to go Washington to confront the powers that be. With Cooper kids and Cloud Dancing in tow, they arrive in Washington, crash the congressional hearings about the Indians -- and promptly get thrown out. Fortunately, Grant's former Indian General, Ely Parker, now Commissioner of Indian Affairs, is sympathetic to their cause and invites them to a White House party to network.

There, Mike befriends Julia Grant, who pulls strings enabling Mike to testify to the Commission of Indian Affairs. As Mike testifies, a Senator, George Steward, recognizes Sully as a Union sniper set up to kill a man Sully was told was a Confederate Major with extensive explosives knowledge -- but whom Sully later found out was an industrial competitor to Steward's partner in crime, Senator Elliot Moses. In short, Sully was set up to kill Moses' business rival. Upon learning the man was merely an industrialist, but having no idea who pulled the strings, Sully, disillusioned, deserted the Army.

Later, at another White House dinner, Brian and Colleen become thick with Grant children Jesse and Nellie; Colleen even fixes Matthew up with young Nellie when she gets stood up for the military ball. Meanwhile, Mike cements her friendship with Julia Grant and President Grant offers Mike a job as supervisor of medical care for the reservations. Things seem to be going well and Mike even considers taking the job.

Meanwhile, Cloud Dancing, feeling his job done, departs for home. Mike, after conferring with the kids, decides to withdraw her nomination to Grant's cabinet, much to Sully's relief. As Mike, Sully and the kids are leaving the hotel, however, Sully's arrested for desertion, to the surprise and dismay of Mike and the kids, who knew nothing about his service in the Army.