November 5th, 1994 :: episode #51

A Washington Affair - part 2

When Mike visits Sully in prison, he tells her of his former, secret life as a Union Army sharp-shooter. He also tells her what spurred his desertion -- it was learning that he'd assassinated a man he was told was an explosives expert but whom he learned later is merely a businessman rival to a corrupt member of government -- he's not sure who. (see Part I)

Later, Senator Elliot Moses thanks Mike for saving his life during his minor heart attack, and rewards her for some vital information: Sully's assignment in Georgia during the war was not for the Army; it was for "the same men who won't have the Indians delaying the completion of the railroads." Later, Moses is found dead and Mike diagnoses cyanide poisoning, but no one believes her.

Still later, Mike and the children witness Sully being sentenced to death. Mike, via the secret passageway into the White House which Jesse Grant showed Brian, manages to get to President Grant and have his sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Certain the children are in danger, Mike sends them home, and, armed with the information from her last conversation with Senator Moses, Mike goes to General Parker, who helps her spring Sully from prison in a daring escape.

Sully just makes it to the White House in time to save President Grant from certain assassination, and President Grant rewards him by exonerating him of all charges and assigning him a post of Indian Agent. Naturally, the children are there to hear all of this, as, engaging in some Civil Disobedience of their own, they disobeyed Mike's instructions to go home and return to Washington after heading back to Colorado for only a short while.