February 25th, 1995 :: episode #64

Baby Outlaws

A Story: Belle Starr and her gang, comprised of brothers Jim and Cole Younger, ride into town and hold up the saloon. The brothers escape, but Belle is apprehended when Hank shoots her off her horse. In the fall, Belle is slightly wounded by a bullet through the shoulder. The town argues with Mike that Belle should be incarcerated while she's healing and awaiting trial, but Mike insists that she's redeemable, and offers to put her up at the homestead. Though they're reluctant, the townsfolk agree to let her do so. At the homestead, Belle has a definite effect on the Cooper kids. She tangles with Colleen, tries to seduce Matthew, and gets along famously with Brian, who idolizes her.

When Dorothy interviews Belle for the gazette, Belle unintentionally lets out that she's from Dallas, and Mike tracks down her father, who sends back a telegram stating that he wants nothing to do with his daughter. At this, Belle tries to escape, and Mike and Sully sadly concede that jail's where she belongs after all. Meanwhile, Belle's gang, the Younger brothers, have spotted Belle in the jail and decide that the best way to spring her is to kidnap Brian and use him as a bargaining chip, and it's up to Mike and family to rescue him.

B Story: Colleen becomes frightened of horses when she's thrown from Taffy, Brian's little mare, but when Brian is kidnapped by the Younger brothers, she overcomes her fear and mounts Belle's spirited palomino, Thunder, to save him.