March 11th, 1995 :: episode #65

Bone of Contention

A Story: When Dr. John Porter, a paleontologist, shows up, he infects the townsfolk with "bone fever" -- seems there's money to be had for dinosaur bones. However, when the dig site encroaches on sacred Indian burial grounds, Mike and Sully question the needs of scientific progress vs. preservation of sacred sites. The townsfolk are indifferent to the Indians' plight until, tit-for-tat, Dog Soldiers raid the local graveyard and Loren's beloved wife Maude's bones are taken. Now it's up to Sully to strike a deal to get them back. Ultimately, Dr. John Porter is driven off, and what's left of the Indian burial grounds are preserved.

B Story: Colleen and Matthew unite in an effort to keep Brian from discovering that the "dinosaur" bone given him by his father is probably a fake. To distract him, they indulge him in speculation that dinosaurs may still exist alive on the earth, spurring Brian to go seeking one at the Indian burial grounds.

There, he runs into a "monster" -- Cloud Dancing -- who's seeking the help of the spirits to protect the burial grounds, as well as Dr. Porter, whose wrath he incurs for trespassing on the dig site. Porter takes him home to Dr. Mike, and Matthew and Colleen confess their ruse. Brian's very angry at them, until he talks with Mike about it and she comforts him by reasoning with him that if he thinks his father wanted to give him something as special as a dinosaur bone, then it doesn't really matter if it's "real" or not.