October 8th, 1994 :: episode #46
October 15th, 1994 :: episode #47

Cattle Drive - parts 1 & 2

A Story: Mike, the kids, Sully, Loren, Robert E and Grace answer Miss Olive's telegraphed cry for medical help, only to arrive in Mexico and discover that she's passed on. Leaving various sentimental items to each person, (except Sully and Robert E, whom she didn't know well) Olive nonetheless leaves the bulk of her estate -- 200 head of cattle -- to Matthew.

Unfortunately, Matthew and Sully clash at various points in the journey -- Sully, troubled by mistakes Matthew must naturally make in order to learn, has a difficult time letting Matthew grow into his role as trail boss. Eventually, however, Sully manages to turn the reins of control over to Matthew, who, despite various contretemps along the way, grows into his role as trail boss and acquits himself beautifully. They deal with a scorpion sting, lack of water, a stampede, missing cattle, and a prairie fire. Sully helps Mike "wash" after helping a cow give birth.

B Story: Colleen develops a crush on a young ne'er-do-well cowhand named Jesse, only to have he and another cowhand, Ned, rob the family, Loren, Grace and Robert E in their sleep, stampede the cattle, and leave for parts unknown. Colleen initially defends Jesse, but when Matthew and Brian track the outlaws down and present irrefutable evidence (Colleen's missing pocketwatch, now retrieved) that Jesse's a thief, she breaks down, her heart truly broken by a boy for the first time, and Mike comforts her.