February 4th, 1995 :: episode #60 & 61

Cooper vs. Quinn - parts 1 & 2

A Story: Upon deciding that they want to adopt Colleen and Brian after they're married, Mike and Sully put an ad in both Denver and San Francisco newspapers to find the children's father, Ethan Cooper. To their surprise, (as he was last seen two years before when Sully caught him trying to abscond with the church's collection money) Ethan responds to the ad, arriving in town with a lovely, rich young bride, Lillian, on his arm.

Although Mike and Sully are suspicious, initially it seems as if Ethan's a changed man and that he's arrived in town with no agenda other than to give Mike and Sully his blessing regarding the custody of the children. Mike, relieved, says of course visits will occur both ways. All looks well, until Lillian confides to Mike that she's been having trouble conceiving a child. After Mike examines her, she explains to Lillian that Lillian will never be able to bear children. At this, Ethan launches a custody battle for Brian and Colleen, since Lillian's father's will stipulates his estate be left not to her, but to any children she may have, with she and her spouse as executors. Sadly, Ethan wins, and the family's distraught.

Colleen and Brian, having been lost to Mike in a custody battle with their father, Ethan Cooper, go to live with he and his new wife, Lillian, until they're ready to return to San Francisco.. Unfortunately, the adjustment is uncomfortable for everyone, and Brian and Colleen, determined not to leave, run away. A search party is formed, and Mike, Matthew and Sully find the kids, but Colleen has contracted pneumonia.

While Colleen hovers on the brink of life and death, Mike and Sully come to the sad realization that, for the children's sakes, they must quit fighting for their custody. When Colleen's recovered, Mike, Sully and Matthew reluctantly say good-bye to she and Brian as the town watches. The coach begins to pull away, but at the final moment, Lillian reconsiders and agrees to let the kids stay with Mike.

B Story: Myra and Horace, at their wits end, engage townsfolk in a mission to help stop new baby Samantha's incessant crying. Myra, at her wits end due to Samantha's incessant crying, walks the crying baby over to Hank's saloon. Surprisingly, it's Hank who manages to quiet the baby, allowing Myra some much needed surcease from the constant crying.