October 1st, 1994 :: episode #45

Fathers and Sons

Loren faces a mid-life crisis, and, after buying a horse he can't handle and dying his hair, he decides to abandon the town and search for lost treasures in Bolivia. Meanwhile, Brian begins to discover the mysteries of women; he also begins spying on Colleen. When Colleen catches him at it and drags him to Mike, Mike, despite Sully's offers to step in, decides to tell Brian about the "facts of life."

Brian's so traumatized by Mike's hours-long dissertation about "puberty" that he decides to run away from it. When he does, he stumbles upon Loren, also camping out in the woods. They spend the night together in a tree, successfully fending off the advances of a hungry bear. (Unbeknownst to them, Sully's been watching over them the whole while.) Later, Sully takes them to the reservation, where they participate in appropriate "rites of passage."

Meanwhile, Hank and Jake mount a practical joke campaign against each other after Jake laughs when Hank's spewed with beer and Hank's feelings are hurt. Later, after one of the jokes results in slight injuries to them both, they make up with each other, leaving Mike shaking her head in puzzlement at their crazy behavior. In the end, Sully assures Mike that, "between the three of us (her, him and Loren), Brian got an education." When she asks what he said, he replies, "There's only one thing I know about women. Ya gotta be lucky enough to find the right one, and then never let her go."