May 20th, 1995 :: episode #71 & 72

For Better or Worse - parts 1 & 2

Michaela and Sully are ready to tie the knot, but not before they tie up some loose ends.

The train finally arrives in Colorado Springs, bringing Mike's mother and two sisters for the wedding. John (from Halloween II) is the new train conductor. Elizabeth Quinn has her own plans the wedding which don't exactly match Mike's and Sully's. Sully wants Cloud Dancing to be his best man, but this is complicated by a bounty placed on Cloud Dancing by Custer.

Sully doesn't want to wear a wedding ring, nor a wedding tuxedo. Mike doesn't want to change her name; nor does she want to wear the dress her mother brought or the one Dorothy made. While earlier, Sully promised to be Michaela's family (in her own family's absence) and Michaela promised to be Sully's best friend (in the absence of Cloud Dancing), Mike's family's arrival and Mike's hesitancy to accept Sully through "their eyes" causing Sully to go off and "think."

When he doesn't return for several days, Mike gets worried. Amidst remarks that Mike has been stood up, Mike continues to believe in their love. When Sully finally returns, Mike realizes she just wants Sully as her husband, so they vow to have *their* wedding. Mike and Sully marry on May 20, 1870, a day Cloud Dancing says is an omen. Brian, feeling left out, has a surprise for the newlyweds. Mike and Sully consummate their marriage amidst the ever-famous "darker and darker" scene.