October 29th, 1994 :: episode #49

Halloween II

Mike is at first alarmed when Brian, influenced by Mike's reading of "Frankenstein," finds a disfigured man, John, in the woods and brings him home for her to "fix." Sully, too, is concerned and suspicious, for they have no idea where this man came from or whether he's dangerous. Mike, however, eventually realizes that John is harmless and even gentle, and receives his unspoken approval (he doesn't speak until the fourth act) to conduct reconstructive plastic surgery.

As Mike secretly tries to refashion his face, townsfolk begin to suspect she's creating something akin to Frankenstein's monster, and end up storming the clinic and chasing John, taunting him until Mike tells them it is they who are the monsters.

Meanwhile, Mike tries to help John heal not only his outward scars caused by his tragic train accident, but his inner scars as well as he grapples with his guilt about the accident. In the end, John, reconciled to his humanity and rejecting the "monster" mien, joins the townsfolk, who, thanks to Mike, are now aware of his true identity and situation and treat him with kindness and dignity.