January 7th, 1995 :: episode #57

Indian Agent

A Story: Mike and the kids are proud when Sully is assigned the job of Indian Agent to the Cheyenne for $100.00 a month, but learn fast that the job is a futile one and corruption rife in the ranks when they deliver what they presume are food and supplies to the Cheyenne only to find there's no food and the supplies are useless.

At first, Sully tries to make ends meet for the Indians by buying food supplies with his own money at the General store, but when he finds out that Loren's been engaged in buying dried beef and various sundries meant for the Indians from corrupt Indian Agent Lucien Hazen, District Superintendent of Indian Affairs, he confronts Loren, confiscates the beef, and effects an uneasy truce with Lucien Hazen. Sully also convinces the Reverend to solicit food donations for the Indians at church.

B Story: Lucien Hazen engages Hank and Loren in, at best, unethical behavior and at worst, corruption when he encourages Hank to trade the Indians for liquor and Loren to buy supplies meant for the Indians at cut-rate prices. The liquor Hank sells to the Indians sows discontent among their ranks, demoralizing them to the point of challenging the terms of their treaty with the whites to their leader, Black Kettle, and drinking themselves into stupors. Meanwhile, thanks to the lack of adequate food, Snow Bird, unable to get the proper nutrients from her diet, miscarries.