November 26th, 1994 :: episode #54
December 3rd, 1994 :: episode #55

Ladies Night - parts 1 & 2

A Story: Dorothy and Mike clash when Mike finds a lump in Dorothy's breast and tries to convince Dorothy to let her perform a mastectomy. She struggles with her friend's feelings and tries to separate herself from the situation. Sully, after talking with Dorothy, comforts Mike in her dilemma. At first, Dorothy declares she'd rather die, but in the end, she capitulates. Later, when Jake comes to visit her, he confesses to Loren that he simply doesn't feel the same way about Dorothy as he did before her "disfiguring" operation.

B Story: Colleen's impressive bust garners her unwanted attention from Jared, a new boy at school, but Colleen handles his harassment with dignity. In the end, she tells him he's missing out on the friendship of a great person -- her -- and, seeing the light, he agrees to start the relationship over.

C Story: When Jake and Loren hear Hank say "anyone wearin' a dress drinks for free" for Ladies Night at his saloon, they dress in drag and crash the place. Unfortunately, that night the saloon is robbed and Jake, who's outside relieving himself when it happens, is kidnapped by the two brother robbers, who intend to use him as leverage if anyone tracks them down. Later, one of the outlaw brothers befriends Jake and lets him go, but not before the other outlaw brother develops a bit of a crush on this "big-boned" gal.

This episode ends with a moving view of Mike, sitting at her dressing table and looking at herself in the mirror. She places her hands over her own breast, and Sully immediately comes up behind her, placing his hand over hers. He whispers, "I know what you're thinkin', and the answer's yes. I'll always love you no matter what happens. I'll always find you as beautiful as the first day I saw you."