November 12th, 1994 :: episode #52

Money Trouble

A Story: A leaded, beveled glass door becomes a symbol of Mike's earning power and Sully's lack of it when, Mike, despite Sully's protestations that he can't afford it, has Loren put the door on her account, and Sully, despite Mike's protestations that he should accept money from her, goes to work as a rodeo "mountain-man" to pay for it, as well as augment building costs to the house so that it'll be ready when Mike's family visits.

Later, Mike makes Sully realize that, rather than "letting her down" by not being a good financial provider, he provides her with things money can't buy, which, in the end, is more important to her. Sully acquiesces, realizing his ideal of being sole-provider is inappropriate, and that two incomes are better than one in a true partnership.

B Story: Myra becomes a singing, sleepwalking dervish, driving Horace, Hank and other townsfolk crazy, but leaving them wondering if she's the crazy one -- is it possible she's lost her mind? Cures are discussed, though delivered with the caveat that, if Myra's awakened suddenly, her soul may fly right out of her body, never to return. To Myra's relief, Mike delivers to her the glad tidings that she's pregnant, explaining that it is this which accounts for her strange sleeping habits lately.