April 8th, 1995 :: episode #66

The Permanence of Change

A Story: When the Reverend's abscessed tooth necessitates a substitute teacher, Mike fills in, only to discover that townsfolk object to her educating the children about Darwin's recent theory of evolution. As a result, the Reverend hastily returns to his teaching position before any more "harm" can be done.

Ultimately, however, Mike's knowledge of Darwin serves a young girl, Mary Ann Daggett, in good stead when Mike discovers that she's being abused by her guardian. After doing some research, Mike discovers that, though there are no child-abuse laws in the books, there are animal abuse laws. As such, Mike takes the man, Mr. Daggett, to court, and successfully persuades the court that, as an "animal," Mary Ann Dagget is being abused and should be removed from her guardian.

B Story: Brian befriends a young girl, Mary Ann Daggett, and discovers her terrible secret -- with no parents to protect her, she's being neglected and physically abused by her "guardian," Mr. Daggett. It is Brian who calls Mary Ann's rat-bite wounds to Mike's attention, ultimately resulting in Mike's triumphant court case.