January 28th, 1995 :: episode #59

Pike's Peace

A Story: Mike finds a kindred spirit when Sully, who's been thrown from his horse and injured, introduces her to his rescuer, Samantha -- otherwise known as Sam -- Lindsay, an older, pantaloon-wearing, Ralph Waldo Emerson spouting, free-spirited former Vermont teacher. As Mike treats Sully's foot, he tells her to check Sam's hand -- she hurt it catching Sully's horse -- but Mike turns to find Sam's slipped away, unobserved. Catching her outside, Mike asks her to stay at the homestead.

Sam accepts, getting on famously with Mike and family and offering Mike solace about her mother, who's hurt Mike by writing her that, since Mike's wedding date conflicts with her annual flower show, she'll be unable to attend. Thus, Mike feels rejected anew when Sam says she's climbing Pike's Peak -- alone. Mike, worried for Sam, follows her, only to discover that she's climbed the mountain to die -- the scratch on her hand was symptomatic of her advanced, incurable leukemia. Not convincing Sam to descend the mountain and prolong her life, Mike, against her rules as a Dr. but unable to let Sam die alone, stays as a friend.

B Story: Unable to help herself, Grace resents Myra's pregnancy and hence Myra, who, feeling big as a whale and uncomfortable as hell, just wishes the whole ordeal over. A chance meeting with Sam, who tells her to enjoy being pregnant, bolsters Myra, but fate throws salt into Grace's wounded heart when, in Mike's absence, she's conscripted to assist Colleen in delivering Myra's baby. Grace overcomes her feelings and assists Colleen in the difficult detelegraph of a beautiful baby girl named Samantha for Sam Lindsay.