May 13th, 1995 :: episode #70

Ready or Not

Mike and Sully go to the Reverend for some pre-marital counseling and we see and hear about, through flash-backs and dialogue, the couple's unresolved issues which if left unattended could potentially mar their impending union. These include, for an uncomfortable moment, the Reverend's brief courtship of Mike ("It was about the orphans!") as well as Sully's experience with the 'white' Indian woman, Catherine, who had a crush on him, ("She kissed me!").

Though it looks like touch and go for a bit, Sully and Mike benefit enormously from the counseling, as it brings certain buried and perhaps festering issues out into the open and allows the two to air them. As a result, Sully and Mike re-affirm their love to each other and emerge from their counseling sessions with the Reverend a stronger couple, ready and able to face the future and firm in their resolve that their marriage will be a good one. The episode contains clips of past episodes and a resolution to the Another Woman episode, as well as some very entertaining dialogue.